Dear groundhog, you're FIRED!

Maybe groundhog day isn't the most scientific predictor, but this year I really wanted to believe it had some validity when ALL the groundhogs proclaimed the coming of an early spring!  And then this weekend we had the coldest Valentine's Day in NYC history.  I have to admit that all these bipolar temperatures and dashed hopes of iminent warmth have left my skin feeling dry, dull and tired.  

What can we do to rejuvenate, prepare for spring and ditch these winter skin blues??  Here are some things that I love - 

- Nia24 product line - offers something for every skin type.  Vitamin B3 (niacin) has been shown to help reverse sun damage and help with anti aging.  This line is amazing for moisturization, but also helps with blotchiness, uneven skin tone and even rosacea.  We love these products so much we offer them right here in the office!  

- Latisse - looking for long, dark, luscious lashes, but don't want to risk the dreadful after-effects of extensions?  Latisse is the answer.  Compared with extensions the price is similar and you won't be left lashless as your extensions fall off and take your natural eyelashes with them.  We can write you a prescription in the office at your request anytime!

- Excipial Hand Moisturizer (daily moisturizer and rapid overnight formula) - no one can escape dry hands in the winter, but Galderma's new OTC hand moisturizer line will keep your hands soft and smooth all winter long.  Ask for a free sample in the office today!

Last but not least - my Botox sale!  Come have a botox treatment with me Feb 22-29 and get 20% off!!  

Already I'm feeling brighter and more cheerful!  And I hope you are too!

- Eve =)