Psoriasis Walk

April 30, 2014
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His Story Brought A Doc to the Walk- from

Thomas Dvorak, 9, is used to talking to people about his psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. He's explained to staring strangers why he has scales on his skin and even educated a teacher at his sister's school about what was the cause for the teacher's thick, corrugated nails. 

Still, he was nervous when he had to get up and talk about himself in front of a crowd at an educational event put on by the National Psoriasis Foundation in several main cities across the U.S.

This talk made an impression on a few of the listeners. Dr. Buchness, a presenter at the talk was moved by Thomas's story and told him. She then joined his Walk team, Psoriasis Busters. This Sunday, Dr. Buchness and Ashley Strongwater, her Physician Assistant, will join Thomas in his fight to cure psoriasis.

Donations can be made to Thomas's team at or you can even register to participate in the walk at