We are proud carriers of top of the line sunscreens!

Come purchase your sunscreen today at our office. Sunscreen will protect you from sun damage and skin cancer as well as slow the development of wrinkles.

Here are some facts you should know in the application and purchase of sunscreen:

  • Look for sunscreens that are broad-spectrum. This means they block both UVA and UVB rays. Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide are important ingredients to look for.
    • UVB is responsible for sunburn, while UVA rays, are associated with the aging of the skin, as well as increasing the cancer-causing effects of UVB rays.
  • As the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) value increases, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UVB rays.
    •  If it takes 20 minutes for your skin to start turning red, using an SPF 15 will prevent this from happening about 15 times longer.
  • Make sure when applying sunscreen, you are using a generous amount to get full SPF protection. Apply at least 1 ounce to the skin- this is approximately the size of a shot glass. 
  • Sunrays are strongest at high elevations and latitudes close to the equator. Rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Do not forget to protect your eyes. Purchase anti-UV sunglasses in addition to sunscreen.
  • Reflective surfaces such as the snow and water can increase the amount of UV radiation you are exposed to.
  • Sunscreens should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before exposure, followed by one reapplication every 2 hours.

All of our products have science behind its effect. We are proud to offer the following:

  • MDSolarSciences- Mineral Sunscreen Gel (untinted- $30 and tinted - $32)
  • Nia 24- $49
  • Elta MD- UV Aero sunscreen spray-$30, UV Lip Balm-$10, UV facial sunscreen-$30