Microneedling Photo Blog

"What will I look like after my treatment?" 

The purpose of this blog is to show you (generally) what your skin will look like after a microneedling with PRP treatment.

Right after my microneedling treatment.  It is normal to have bruising in any area that is very vascular (such as around the eyes) or areas that have been treated a little more intensely (to target scars, large pores, etc.).

Two to three hours after the treatment. It is normal for your face to feel a little stiff as the plasma hardens. It’s important to let the plasma sink into your skin for the next 6 hours as the tiny micro channels are closing. It’s SUPER important that you don’t have plans or social engagements after your treatment! You won’t want to go anywhere looking like this! Many patients like to wear a hat and sunglasses just to travel home.

That evening. It’s normal for your skin to feel a bit sore and hot. Redness and a little swelling is expected. Don’t worry! Your skin is starting to produce all that beautiful collagen and elastin! (It’s also normal to see the redness appear and then disappear in lines, or in some areas more than others. This is normal and it doesn’t mean certain areas were “missed.” Note here how the area around my mouth and forehead is much more inflamed vs my cheeks, despite those areas being treated equally.)

The following morning. My skin is pretty red and swollen (note the “lines”). The good news is that now you can gently cleanse your face and apply moisturizer and makeup!

The miracle of green concealer! After cleansing and moisturizing, you can put dots of green on the red areas, then gently tap on with your 4th finger.

The morning after the treatment – green concealer + skin tone concealer and foundation. This green concealer is from Sephora ($14). If you need help, the staff at Sephora are great! They are trained to help with all kinds of situations (including post procedure cover up) and will show you exactly what you need and how to apply it.

24 hours after my treatment. Still lots of redness and bruising, but I can definitely cover it with makeup. If you have a lot of bruising you can try some arnica (over the counter).

48 hours after my treatment. Bruising is minimal and certain areas of my skin are starting to peel. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Please don’t peel your skin, it will come off on its own when it’s ready! By day three nearly all the bruising was resolved and my skin was glowing! Of course, everyone is a little different and may take more or less time to recover.

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